Account-AccountAccount Management

The Ubillity Billing System has great functionality, is customizable and is very easy to use. It holds hundreds of fields of information and up to one hundred User-Defined fields, and the Account Management screen can be customized with any fields that you need.

Account-ServiceServices Management

Everything you need to track and manage your customer’s services in an easy to use interface. Ubillity can be configured to any site, regardless of the complexity and at a glance you can see the balance due for any account by service, bill, or overall.

Account-MetersMeter Management

Unlimited meters per service can be defined as Standard, Deduct, or Virtual. Standard meters are provided with screens that can record repair history, meter swap, and comprehensive backflow history and information. Multiple metered services are included, such as Water and Electric on the same Account, are easily accommodated.

BillingBilling Engine

Powerful, flexible billing engine that is easy to use, flexible and powerful. The Bill Run Profile concept puts all the complexity of setup and configuration “behind the scenes” while leaving the billing personnel for operational tasks.

Manual CollectionsCollections & Delinquency

Every Payment batch entered in Ubillity is forever available for immediate on-screen review and reporting, no matter how far back in time. Every payment made in Ubillity is forever able to be easily reversed, along with a complete audit trail and comprehensive standard reports.

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