Borough of Fox Chapel

Customer Profile

The Borough of Fox Chapel sits only twelve miles from the golden triangle of Pittsburgh, PA. With a budget of $6.85 million and a population of 5,436, the Borough covers almost eight and a half square miles along the Allegheny River, and has neighboring communities including the Borough of Aspinwall, the Townships of Harmar, Indiana and O’Hara, and the City of Pittsburgh.

The Problem

It became evident to the Accountant of Fox Chapel, that the financial system in use by the Borough since the 1980’s, lacked necessary functionality and no longer was current with technology. The system was DOS-based and had not changed much since its initial development. As Borough employees grew accustomed to Windows programs, operating a DOS-based system became increasingly difficult.

Using Software Systems

Borough Accountant, Joy Hardt, realized that a complex system would not be appropriate for a less intricate organization such as Fox Chapel. She also recognized that the Borough’s new system should be “logical, user-friendly, and extremely flexible.” At the GFOA conferences over the years, Ms.Hardt questioned her colleagues. After conversation with other Software System customers, the Fox Chapel Accountant decided that Software System had “integrity and would not be in the market to resell an inferior product.”

Fox Chapel selected FundWare, which would be implemented by Software Systems, Inc. The Borough purchased the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Fixed Assets Modules. Also purchased was the F9 report writer.


It took approximately two months to implement the system. In regards to the implementation, the organization comments that “the project management, analysis, installation and implementation were all done in a very efficient, organized, professional manner.” Since implementing FundWare, the organization remarks on the flexibility of the modules, and that a wide variety of information can be retrieved in a very short period of time. And, Fox Chapel appreciates, although not always needed, the ability to have support provided in a prompt, efficient manner.