Elizabeth Township

Customer Profile

Located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Township is a residential community 25 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh. The Township offers a unique combination of a rural lifestyle, proximity to the City of Pittsburgh, and access to numerous recreation areas. It has a population of about 13,839 residents and an operating budget of about $4,000,000.

The Problem

As a smaller community, the Township’s business offices are required to run efficiently and smoothly utilizing just a few resources. After examining the financial system that was in place within the Township’s office, it came to the realization that its fund accounting system was unfriendly and lacked structure to keep the Township running efficiently as was required. It was taking Township employees longer to complete tasks, and replacing the legacy system became a priority of the Township.


The Township, while working with Software Systems, Inc. was able to analyze its need in detail and identify goals and objectives of the Township and its employees. Together, the group identified FundWare as a good fit for the Township – and made the decision to implement the system.

Elizabeth Township implemented FundWare in 2002. During the initial purchase, the Township selected the General Ledger, Accounts Payable with purchase orders, and Payroll Modules.

With FundWare, the Township has found that it is easy to obtain financial information, and is very easy to correct mistakes. “Employees are more productive, and work is done more efficiently because FundWare is very user-friendly, comments Cynthia Carson, the Township’s Secretary/Administrator.


The Township has been very pleased with Software Systems, Inc., suggested for implementation. Township employees say that one of the biggest benefit of having Software Systems as its system support provider is having “Technical Support people who can talk to non-computer people and get the problem fixed”. The organization also comments that the support staff is very prompt in returning calls and fixing problems.

Elizabeth Township appreciates the fact that Software Systems developed the installation, analysis, project management, etc, based on their needs. The training was lengthened to ensure that all Elizabeth Township employees were comfortable with the new software.