Montgomery County Economic and Workforce Development

Customer Profile

Montgomery County Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and is situated about twenty miles west of the center oh Philadelphia. The Montgomery County EWD is a non-profit organization that provides resources for businesses, job seekers, Human Services and provides information for Youth Programs. The organization has a total of 700 participants and has a budget of about $4 million.

The Problem

After struggling with a financial system that would inconsistently write checks, freeze and shut down, Montgomery County EWD, decided that it needed to replace their old automated system for something new and easy to use.


The Organization decided to purchase FundWare for implementation. The Organization preferred FundWare because it was a less costly solution and offered a good Grant/Cost control package. Montgomery County EWD also selected FundWare’s General Ledger, Accounts Payable with Purchase Orders Modules, and F9 Report Writer. The Organization was pleased to learn that its current solution provider, Software Systems, Inc., was licensed to sell the FundWare solution.


Rich Weidner, Fiscal Officer for Montgomery County EWD, believes that the organization is “so much more productive using F9 reporting.” Montgomery County is also able to produce checks and Accounts Payable Payments on the day that is promised, unlike the staff was able to do with its previous system. Also, there are no delays when processing and check writing.