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Software Systems provides unrivaled Customer Support to its users. We guarantee a maximum two hour response to your calls or emails, and we usually get the answer to you much faster than that! We have dedicated Customer Support personnel who are very knowledgeable in all of our product lines and experienced technical staff who will get involved in the case of a system or network issue. We’ll even coordinate with your in-house or outsourced IT staff on network or system issues that stop you from getting your work accomplished.

Every call that comes in to our Support Center is identified and entered into our Tele Support System. We maintain records of all received calls and their resolutions so that when it happens again, we’re ready with the answer. Through this process we add to our knowledge base and our responses to your issues become much more efficient.

However, answering questions and solving problems are just one part of our full spectrum of support. We also provide your site with a low-cost yet very effective Disaster Recovery option we call our Monthly Archive Program. This valuable program has been in use by our customers for over 12 years, providing convenient off-site storage of the data and programs that reside on our customer’s systems. We check every customer’s archive to see if all is well, and we can use the archive to help investigate any problems with the customer’s data. It’s one more way that Software Systems Customer Support covers all the bases.

The Software Systems Customer Support Program has a number of other major benefits. We will assist in helping you upgrade any of our supported products, or provide you with advice on upgrading your hardware or network. We provide no-cost regional annual seminars at the mid-year and end of year to review the latest release of the product lines and to review year-end functions such as W-2, 1099 and year-end close procedures. We’ll also provide you with access to our low-cost Webinar Series to review functionality of our products and upgrades.

We look forward to working with you to make sure your experience with our products and services is the best it can be.