To know where an organization is going with new financial software, goals need to defined, understood, and agreed upon. To know how to get there, professional service providers need to know where the organization has been. Analysis Services allow us to gain this understanding by learning the business practices of an organization. Many of these practices might be changed or eliminated by the new system. We analyze how you do your jobs with the existing software tools you currently use. We ask the ‘why’ questions on every process we uncover. We then build a map from your old processes to your new ones so that everyone will know how to do their job when the new software is implemented.

Along the way, we document these new business practices so you’ll have a complete User’s Guide, just for your individual installation. This approach gives all of us, both our implementation team and all the users, a chance to review these new processes to make sure they are clearly defined, clearly understood, and accomplish the goals set out by the customer.