Installation is the process of making the new system available to the users. The users must be able to enter data, view screens, print reports, and access or save files.

All of the software products that we implement are installed in one of three ways:

  • Standard installation, where we install in-house at your facility in the traditional software installation process;
  • ASP (Application Service Provider) installation, allowing your facility to be free from the responsibilities and costs of potentially expensive and hard to maintain Server hardware;
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) installation, allowing your site to “pay as you go” and avoid costly up-front license fees.

Standard Installation Service

Standard installation puts the software and the database on your Server at your location. This is the traditional method and it works well for many customers. Our skilled consultants have the experience and certifications required to install and configure your network related hardware or software products. Software Systems completes a thorough installation process that includes:

  • Plan and confirm schedule and resources with the Customer
  • Establish delivery and installation dates
  • Verify completion of pre-installation tasks
  • Plan and confirm system setup requirements with customer
  • Verify supported configuration
  • Complete verification testing and confirm customer acceptance

ASP and SaaS Installation Services

ASP and SaaS installation puts the software and the database onto our ASP Server at our offices. Your access to the software is through a safe and secure web site that lets you log into your desktop and then into your application. It uses an SSL portal coupled with Citrix, so it’s completely safe and secure. It’s easy to access, safe to use, and less expensive for the customer. And it provides “24 by 7” access from almost any PC in the world. You can even work from home!

One of the big advantages of this type of installation is a lower cost of installation, because it’s all done in our office. Our installation team doesn’t have to travel to your site to install any hardware or software. There’s no disruption at your place of business and no travel costs are incurred.

Another big advantage to this type of installation is a smaller up-front commitment to hardware – there’s no need for your organization to invest in a server. All the ancillary costs of a Server are gone as well: maintenance, software, backup tapes, repair bills, etc. We do it all for you. You just go to our web interface and log in!