Ongoing Support

Good support means accurate, timely, thoughtful responses to the questions, issues, problems, and occasional emergencies that our customers present to us. We guarantee our response time to your message (voicemail or email) to always be, at a maximum, no more than two hours. We’ve been supporting customers for more than twenty years and we know that when a customer needs help and has decided to contact us for a support issue, they do not want to wait – they want an answer now. That’s our goal.

Other services that we deliver to our customers through the Support Services area include our Annual Seminar Series and our Monthly Archive Service. The Software Systems Annual Seminar Series began in 1989 as a series of user meetings across Pennsylvania (our home state). We now hold four separate meetings annually for all of our PA customers. The Monthly Archive Service provides our participating customers with a Disaster recovery Option that is straightforward, inexpensive, but very effective. This program has been in existence for almost 20 years as well.