Collections & Delinquency

Manual Collections Just like every other aspect of Ubillity, collections are both extraordinarily user friendly and functional, accessible anywhere, anytime, safe and securely. Every payment batch entered in Ubillity is forever available for immediate on-screen review and reporting, no matter how far back in time. Every payment made in Ubillity is forever able to be easily reversed, along with a complete audit trail. Complete comprehensive standard reports on payments by user, date, or both are easily accessible. Printed receipts are also easily available, automatically or on-demand. Ubillity offers multiple cash drawer functionality, along with easy-to-use automatic or manual distribution of payments.

Delinquent Processing in Ubillity is extremely configurable, and provides the user with a significant set of tools to identify delinquent accounts by full balance, service balance, or individual bill balance.

Users create Delinquent Events within Ubillity that can create a delinquent notice for the account, assign a penalty or fee onto the account, or both.  The Ubillity Delinquency process is integrated with our Payment Plan module so any Payment Plan that is not on time can be immediately dealt with, on time and appropriately.  All delinquent notices are produced in Word, Crystal, or pdf to allow for easier manipulation of the documents.  Third party printers can be sent a file of the delinquent notices for easy print and mailing.