Complete Billing Engine

BillingUbillity has a flexible, powerful billing engine, starting with the Bill Run Profile.  It allows billing personnel to focus on the operational tasks of getting the bills out accurately and on time, leaving the complexity of billing algorithms entirely behind the scenes.  Billing personnel can adjust all aspects of the Bill Run Profile, and any Bill Run is entirely reversible at any step of the way.   The system automatically tracks every step of each Bill Run, building an audit trail complete with records of all manual changes and time-date stamps of each step in the billing process.  This audit trail is available to users as Bill Run Notes, and is used to compare usages, counts, and charges across Bill Runs.

Our billing engine uses easy-to-use tools such as Word Mail Merge, Crystal Reports, or Adobe pdf to create the bills.  This allows the user to easily change the format of their bill.  Every bill created is individually stored in each Account record, so re-printing bills, reviewing bills, and bill out-sourcing are simple tasks to complete with Ubillity.  Each Bill Run is completely reversible up until the last step in the process, so any problems with a Bill Run can be handled in-house.  The user is in control with Ubillity.