Online & Automated Payments

Account-Payment PlanUbillity offers a wide range of options in order to increase your collections and decrease delinquencies. Customers are demanding alternate methods to pay bills, and Ubillity’s options provide an answer to those demands.  Ubillity offers the use of Direct Debit for customers to pay bills. Direct Debit uses an ACH file (Automated Clearinghouse) for the user’s bank to automatically withdraw the payment from the customer’s checking or savings account.  The ACH file is automatically generated in Ubillity and is ready to be sent to your bank.

Ubillity also offers the choice of processing a lockbox file from the bank or similar institution that collects the payments for the user and provides the user with a file of the payments. Ubillity automatically processes these payments from this file.

Lastly, Ubillity simply allows customers to pay with a credit card, debit card, or e-check. These payments are made safely and securely, across a SSL secure link.